Announcement: New Awareness Objective



Today we are announcing the following changes to the available campaign objectives:

  1. The general availability of the Awareness objective
  2. The deprecation of the Qualified Impressions (alpha) objective

The Awareness Objective, which replaces Qualified Impressions, helps advertisers reach more of their customers and drive awareness for their brand. This objective is optimized for unique reach, provides a CPM pricing model, and has no restrictions on creatives or targeting criteria.

At the line item-level, specify this objective using objective=AWARENESS. This objective supports secondary optimization via the optimization parameter. Use optimization=DEFAULT to optimize for maximum reach or optimization=ENGAGEMENT to optimize for reach with engagements. Only TARGET or AUTO bid types are available. Please be aware that placement=PUBLISHER_NETWORK is not supported.

Qualified Impressions

While it will still be possible to view and edit existing Qualified Impressions campaigns, any new campaigns must be created using the Awareness objective. On 2016-11-15, the Qualified Impressions objective will reach its end of life and existing campaigns will be disabled.

Twitter Ads API Team