Announcement: Changes to TV Show targeting



Today, we’re announcing changes to the TV Shows endpoint. Due to changes in the core backend service that powers TV targeting and the TV Shows endpoint, consumers of the API are requested to use the GET targeting_criteria/tv_shows endpoint to refresh the currently available set of TV Shows, once these changes go into effect.

There will also be additional validations around TV Show targeting, specifically:

  1. Geo targeting will be required when targeting TV shows
  2. The market of the TV show must match the geo targeting specified for the line item.
  3. Multiple countries cannot be targeted when targeting TV Shows

In addition, we are also deprecating the tv_shows and tv_genres fields in the response for the Audience Intelligence - Demographics and Insights endpoints as well.

These changes will go into effect as early as 2018-07-24 2018-08-08.

Twitter Ads API team

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Update: In addition, the estimated_users parameter will no longer be returned on the GET targeting_criteria/tv_shows endpoint as well.