Announcement: Changes to Media Upload APIs for Video



Beginning on October, 22nd the Media Upload API will undergo a few small changes that will impact Ads API developers using these endpoints to upload video. These changes are part of an effort to continue growing our overall video offering for partners through improved stability and soon through expanded video length and size limits.

  • Soon we will begin requiring that all INIT command requests include an additional parameter media_category with a value of amplify_video. Using this new param will ensure that your video gets pre-processed correctly and prepared for use in promoted content.

  • Pre-processing will now happen asynchronously to ensure better success rates for video uploads and to eventually provide support for larger video size and length limits. A new STATUS command has been added to the Media Upload API and you can call this command after your FINALIZE command request to ensure that your video has completed its pre-processing and transcoding phase. For now, async processing will be used whenever the media_category=amplify_video param is set in your INIT command. After October 22nd when the media_category param is required, async will become the only supported video upload workflow for Ads API developers.

Note: Both of these changes ONLY apply to video uploads. Image uploads and other media types are not affected by these changes.

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