Announcement: Behaviors and Locations



In order to ensure consistency when using behavior-based targeting, we’re making changes to when this targeting type can be used. To use behavior-based targeting, the following must be true:

  • there can only be one location targeted along with the behavior
    • if the user attempts to target additional locations, an error will be thrown
  • country codes for all locations must match the country codes for the behaviors
    • all targeted locations must be within a single country
      • e.g., target multiple states along with behaviors for the U.S.
    • it is possible to target multiple behaviors

This applies to targeting per line item.

In addition, the location must either be added before the behavior or they must be added together using the POST batch/accounts/:account_id/targeting_criteria.

This change will take effect as early as 2018-04-30.

Twitter Ads API Team

New Behavior & Location Targeting Restrictions: One Location
Error : "All partner audiences must have a country that matches the country targeted"



We have updated the original post to reflect the updated validation logic.