Announcement: API-only Video View Targeting



Video View targeting is an API-only feature that is now generally available to all advertisers as of October 1st. This targeting type enables advertisers to target audiences who have previously watched part or all of a video on Twitter. Advertisers can target organic videos, promoted videos, or both. Promoted videos are not limited to video view objective campaigns or line items.

The following options are available for the ENGAGEMENT_TYPE parameter on POST /0/accounts/:account_id/targeting_criteria:

  • VIDEO_VIEW for users who have clicked to play the video or have viewed 3 seconds of autoplay
  • VIDEO_VIEW_PARTIAL for users who have viewed 50% of the video
  • VIDEO_VIEW_COMPLETE for users who have viewed at least 95% of the video

As with Tweet engager targeting, one or both of the following must also be present in targeting criteria for the line item when ENGAGEMENT_TYPE is used:

  • CAMPAIGN_ENGAGEMENT uses a campaign ID as the targeting value. Users who watched a video (based on ENGAGEMENT_TYPE) in this campaign are the ones who will be targeted.
  • USER_ENGAGEMENT which uses the promoted user ID as the targeting value to target users who watched a video (based on ENGAGEMENT_TYPE) in an advertiser’s organic content. This must be the promoted user ID associated with the Ads account.

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