Animated GIFs


Regarding “Supported image formats are PNG, JPG and GIF. Animated GIFs are now supported.” for update_with_media.

Actually animated GIFs work fine (the ones I tried with).

I’d be happy to test out uploading of multiple pictures. Will also other media types be supported?



Drat! A few days ago (if I remember correctly) it said “not supported”. I should have read the updated text. Anyway, QED.


I don’t get it, we can no longer use animated pictures for our profile yet at the log in page they put up a 25 meg world cup animated image, thinking what gives


The picture gallery shown now before you log in is not an animated GIF. It’s a combination of Javascript and static pictures.

In any case, I uploaded some animated GIFs via the REST API today, and they all worked fine.

They might have put a restriction on what types of pictures can be used in the profile, for whatever reason.