Animated GIF problem in update_with_media


In software which I’m developing there was Twitter image upload support already and it could record Animated GIFs and now Twitter added support for Animated GIF but when I use update_with_media request with Animated GIF then result becoming still GIF image and it is not animated:

I also tried uploading another Animated GIF to another image host, using same recording and multipart uploading methods and it was working fine in this host so i believe there is problem in Twitter API or I’m doing something wrong?

Source code to update_with_media function:


Seems to work fine now.



Animated GIFs are actually converted to real videos (MPEG4). Interesting.

Maybe that’s why they don’t show up in TweetDeck.


I’m only able to post single frame gifs. If I try posting animated gifs, twitter gives me an error.


Hi Josh, what kind of error are you getting, and which client are you using? animated gifs should be supported in Twitter for Android, iOS, and on the website.


I figured what is wrong now. I was using application extension header block ( end of GIF but it must be after screen descriptor header block for it to work in Twitter. So problem was to do with GIF header.


Great news, thanks for updating us with the fix you found!