Angular JS website is not displaying Twitter content properly through the button



We’re not sure why our Angular JS site is not displaying the Twitter Cards properly.

Is it because we have two sets of Twitter Cards. One is for the main website which users can click on the top right navigation to share on social platforms. The other one is under the title of the page, there’s individual social share buttons.

When one clicks the twitter share button in the center of the page, it shows the other twitter card information which is more generic for the website as opposed to the respective page.

We discovered for Facebook that we needed to create an app first and implement the JS SDK to the website. Is there something similar that we need to do for Twitter?



Hi @joeyeho,

The Twitter Share/Tweet button opens up a web intent based on the url parameters in the… link, not based on the twitter card meta tags.

You can read more on how to configure it here:


Hey Evan,

Thank you for responding! I believe the Twitter button does display the proper text, but after posting, the image, title, description and URL do not display the correct content, how can we make sure this displays the respective “Smirnoff Moscow Mule” content.

The example URL we’re referencing is []


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