AndroidRuntimeException caused by package not found



A small percentage of our users are currently affected by a crash like below:

Caused by android.util.AndroidRuntimeException:$NameNotFoundException:
       at android.webkit.WebViewFactory.getFactoryClass(
       at android.webkit.WebViewFactory.getProvider(
       at android.webkit.WebSettings.getDefaultUserAgent(
       at Source)

Most of crashes generated by Alcatel devices made by TCL running Android 4.x, but also some of them from Samsung running newer version of Android.

We are not 100% sure why this is happening on those devices as we don’t have them in hand.
But we believed it would be better to have the code here fallback to default agent as the code currently does for Android versions prior to JB_MR1.



Hi @david_cheng ,

Thanks for reaching out!

Apologies on the late response, however; In order to better assist you can you please fill out the information below:
Number of observed app crashes/frequency of the crashes: (e.g 5 crashes in 500 ad requests et al)
MoPub SDK version:
Partner SDK version, if involved:
Ad unit ID associated with the crash:
Steps to replicate the crash:
Full Crash logs or Crashlytics link: