Android: video upload in application using sdk of twitter



After searching a lot i found now twitter supports native video upload and documentation is here

but i am not able to understand how they work . if anyone have idea about that so please told me how to implement .


I believe the TweetComposer in Twitter Kit 3 would wrap that for you, so you don’t have to implement the upload flow directly yourself. Twitter Kit is our Android and iOS SDK for integrating with Twitter.

If you want to see an example of the steps involved in uploading video in code, we have a sample written in Python that shows the overall flow of chunking the upload, checking the status, and attaching the media content to a Tweet.


is there any sample code for android ?
when i am going to upload then it INIT successfully executed :
Log - Succeed INIT RESULT:
Log -media ID is 893116815944974341
but APPEND give me error :
Log- Could not upload video: HTTP request failed, Status: 400