Android Twitter API: statusesService.homeTimeline feed limited, only 20 tweets loading



I’ve made an app that displays the logged in user’s timeline but the Twitter API only displays about 20 tweets at once.

Any ideas please?

private void refreshTimeline() {
    TwitterApiClient twitterApiClient = Twitter.getApiClient();
    StatusesService statusesService = twitterApiClient.getStatusesService();
    statusesService.homeTimeline(null, null, null, null, null, null, null, new Callback<List<Tweet>>() {

        public void success(Result<List<Tweet>> result) {
            tweetList =;

        public void failure(TwitterException e) {


@lararufflecoles Just to confirm, you’ve used Fabric to generate your keys and thus using Guest authentication, not application authentication? If so, I’ll just move this post to that thread.


I’ve used Fabric yes, and I login with a user. Is that clear?


Hi Lara, the response from our API will return 20 tweets at a time by default- see this page for details, including some docs on how to pull timelines most efficiently:


Hi beardigsit,

Thanks for that, I re-read the JavaDoc info and it makes more sense now, I’ve just changed my first null to 100 (etc).



Awesome! Glad it’s all working now :slight_smile:

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