Android TV & STB support



Dear community,

We are currently trying to integrate MoPub to our TV application.
Sure, it’s possible to display an ad in almost every format. But there is no way to allow an user to go to the ad page.
It’s quite understandable because it’s about fraud handling: if the area is not touched manually (or with a virtual mouse cursor), the ad page will never open. Even with an interstitial screen, if the focus is put on any page element, pressing OK button will say that a fraud is occuring.

I basically have some questions that I would like to ask (any help will be really appreciated):

  • Is there any accepted technical way (in the present) to make it work with a remote controller?
  • Will there be any support of Android TV and STB world in a very near future?

Best regards.


Hi @HmiHugo,

Thanks for reaching out! At this time, TV applications are not supported by MoPub, so unfortunately we do not have any work arounds available for your use case. We don’t have any plans to support Android TV and STB in the immediate future.