Android : onActivityResult() never been called



I have integrated twitter API for tweeting using TweetComposer.

Here is my code :

` private void postTweet() {
/* TweetComposer.Builder builder = new TweetComposer.Builder(this)
.text(“just setting up my Fabric.”);
Intent twitterIntent = builder.createIntent();
startActivityForResult(twitterIntent, REQUEST_TWEET_POST);*/

    Intent intent = null;
    try {
        intent = new TweetComposer.Builder(this)
                .text("Tweet from Fabric!")
                .url(new URL(""))
    } catch (MalformedURLException e) {
    startActivityForResult(intent, TWEET_COMPOSER_REQUEST_CODE);

Here my onActivityResult() never been called.
Note :
Twitter app is not installed in device. So composer is opened in browser and never get back to application.

Hope will get some solution.

Thanks & Regards,
Mamata Gelanee