[Android] Favcount is always 0


I use TimeLineAdapter to show searches and user timelines. The count of favorites always return 0. To show home timeline I use REST API. In this case retweet and favs counts return correct number. But if I use REST API to show one tweet, favcount is 0. Why? It is a bug that will be corrected soon?

This code return favcount 0

   StatusesService statusesService = TwitterCore.getInstance().getApiClient().getStatusesService();
        statusesService.show(getItem(position).getId(), null, null, null, new Callback<Tweet>() {
            public void success(Result<Tweet> result) {

            public void failure(TwitterException exception) {
                //Do something on failure

This code return correct favcount

   StatusesService statusesService = twitterApiClient.getStatusesService();
    statusesService.homeTimeline(20, null, null, null, false, false, false, new Callback<List<Tweet>>() {

                public void success(Result<List<Tweet>> searchResult) {

                public void failure(TwitterException error) {


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