Android deep linking from twitter cards still goes to browser


Our Twitter cards support deep linking for our Android app as described here:
However, it seems that links in tweets are still sent to the Android OS as redirects through This means the OS doesn’t realize that it should be opening our Android app and sends the user to the browser first. The browser then redirects to the app if the defaults are configured correctly.

This is a suboptimal experience. The Twitter Android app can probably follow the redirect itself to get the real URL or whatever other system Twitter has for knowing the real URL and then present that to the Android OS to open.

There is this related issue, but it’s from 2011:

Are there any plans to fix this problem (either what I described or just fixing the issue I linked)?


Having the same Issue, it’s valid on Twitter Card Validator - but the deep-linking still does not work.

After peeking at Path meta (since twitter use them in the Deep Linking doc as example) - they leave the url:googleplay as “path://”, so I guess it’s broken on Android or something

Dear Twitter - please fix it >_<


It is not broken in Android, since it works correctly in other apps like the gmail app (try open a url with an http based custom URL scheme like and it will offer all apps available, not just the web browsers).

The issue is clearly due to the url shortener. The url does not meet the custom URL scheme and appears to the OS as a standard web url to be opened in a browser.

I guess that if you use a custom, non http based scheme like path:// the link is not shortened with so the OS can act on it.

Please Twitter remove the shortener for the URLs provided in the tag twitter:app:url:googleplay so we can have an optimal user experience.


same problem here.
is anyone get this working?


same issue here


We’re having some trouble with Deep Links here Gallery Card: Android Deep Linking not working; only sends to play store

Help please?