Android deep linking and Card validation


Can someone help me with this one?

the question was asked like a 2 months ago and no one from there can’t even look at it???

Really devs, I tough that you’re better than that… :frowning:

here is the question again, if its hard for you to click on the link above:

Is there some extra settings for deep linking except the twitter:card meta tags?
I have set all the meta data, but when i click Open in X App, it always opens the app in Google Play store.
Btw, i just realized that my cards were changed on twitter for android, maybe it need little more time everything to become functional.

Another thing what i noticed is that Card validation on Firefox is not showing the right preview right, in Chrome works, but not quite right.
In documents
it says that twitter:player:stream is optional, and twitter:player is required.
When i test in Chrome, it shows the image, with disabled native audio player on bottom even the stream meta is not provided.

and here is the link that i’m testing:



Sorry for the delay, and if you’ve given up.

I don’t see tags on that URL for me to debug. If you add it, let me know!