Android Crash on Failed to find Dex offset for PC offset



I am using MoPub 3.8.0 Android SDK for my game.
Every second launch on few devices (Note4, S5 and Nexus9) I am seeing a crash with the following trace.
F/art (24831): sart/runtime/mirror/] Failed to find Dex offset for PC offset 0x773225ae(PC 0xef900077, entry_point=0x785ddac9) in java.lang.Integer

Can someone help me with this ?
Thanks in Advance,


Hello Dasaanand,

Can you run with Dalvik?

If this doesn’t work could you email with this linked, so we can dive further into your issue?



Hi @dasaanand,

Thanks again for raising this issue and for working with support via skype last week to uncover the fix.

For others encountering this error message, the issue occurs when a testing device’s locale is not the US.

The fix is to remove all instances of Locale.US from the Android SDK where the output is not log based.

MoPub will be removing Locale.US hardcoding for machine output in an upcoming release.

More information about this issue can be found here in the “Be wary of the default locale” section.