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I have been wrestling with this for a while and find lots of suggestions but nothing that is fruitful. Here is the problem. Let’s say I want to tweet “cats & dogs” If I pass it through to oauth for posting I get “Could not authenticate with OAuth”. My guess is the ampersand is being used as a delimiter and moves variables around in the auth and therfore I am not validated.

I read a few things about url encoding the tweet and passing that. When I do it changes & to %26 as expected and I am able to send the tweet. Great news, I get past my oauth issue!! However when I go look at my tweet I see that the tweet reads %26 and not &.

I am sure this has been talked about thousands of times but I cannot find anything that works. Any advise is appreciated.



The best way to look at it is that yes, you’ll need to encode & to %26 to include it within the status body of a message. In an OAuth signature base string, then already encoded “%26” would need to be “%25%26.”

The library or environment you are using might have some features to it that is trying to “do the right thing” for you – but actually isn’t. Perhaps when you use a raw “&” it converts it %26 for the POST body but fails to convert it to %2526 for the signature basestring. Perhaps when you send a %26 instead, it converts it to %2526 for your POST body and then %252526 for your signature base string, which would explain the encoding issue in the resultant tweet.

Identifying when there’s magic behavior going on should help you solve the problem.


thanks for the reply. I want to make sure that I am understanding your post correctly. The library unfortunately is not doing any conversion, I am adding it in post integration. Assuming the request URL is:
http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/update.xml?status=cats & dogs

Are you saying it should be converted to:
http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/update.xml?status=cats %2526 dogs
http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/update.xml?status=cats %252526 dogs

Also, please confirm that there should only be 1 % versus 2 or three depending on the correct example. I tried all three and they all showed the %.



I do not understand much of what you speak of?


I guess I will track and share how my debugging progresses

It looks like the library is indeed changing status to %252526


if you look at my tweets you can see that I have changed the tweet to all flavors of urlencoded but see to continue to show the %26 version.


For the status “cats & dogs”:

Your POST body would have status=cats%20%26%20dogs
(the spaces get encoded to %20)

Then, within your signature basestring you would double encode each of the already-percent encoded values:


When you POST cats%20%26%20dogs the resultant tweet will simply be “cats & dogs” as intended.


@episod, thanks for the patience and helping me out.

Assuming the fact that the code is posting my tweets, can I assume that the signature basestring is not an issue? Is that a fair assumption?

As I urlencode the tweet that I am passing through status you can see that I am passing cats%20%26%20dogs, however it is being received and displayed as such. You can see all of my attempts through my twitter account. Thoughts?

I am thinking at this point I may scan and replace & for and until I get more time to dink round.


I have the same issue. I have my status=cats & dogs. If I directly write cats %26 dogs, I get the same text with %26 included.

I am using.


Did anyone resolve it??

Thank you

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