Analytics V1 - Metrics for Promoted Video on Video Views Pre-roll Campaigns



Dear Twitter Staff,

For all campaigns where PROMOTED_TWEET is the promotable object, we are able to pull analytics/stats per that entity PROMOTED_TWEET.

Now, for Video Views Pre-roll Campaigns, we have a new promotable object or entity, which is account_media (and it becomes a media_creatives when we associate it to a line_item.) Which entity do we need to use to pull this data at the promoted object level?

I noticed that the v1 analytics endpoint does not accept any new entities that indicate that you have metrics for this new account_media or media_creatives object.

Can you please advise? Let me know if you have any questions.


Our recommendation is to pull metrics at the line_item level for video views preroll campaigns – that is the most granular level at which reporting is available.


Thanks @hwz! Are there any plans to have video/creative level reporting? I notice that you are starting to also support raw creatives such as banners, pre-rolls and interstitials in your newer campaign objectives now. Hence, the reason I ask.


@hwz any updates on my last comment?

@hector_borras also has similar concerns here: Stats for PRODUCT_TYPE : MEDIA

I quote @hector_borras:

“But that is a problem if we want to promote more than one MEDIA in a LineItem… How could we optimize that?..”

Please let me know your thoughts.


I understand that having the additional level of granularity would be helpful. We’ve put in feature request to the product team to support this based on your feedback, and we’ll let you know with any updates.


@hwz Any update on this front?


@msbukkuri: Our analytics endpoints now support MEDIA_CREATIVE entities. See our v5 announcement