Analytics.twitter. API HELP ME :(


I am pretty new with the twitter api i am coding a twitter bot, now i am developing a web panel interface where i can see some data about the tweet and the follower of my bot like but there is api to call to get this information:

  • number of follower
  • number of twet
  • views
  • other
    I dont know what i can find this information


Numbers of followers & tweets are in a User object (which you can get in various ways - like )

A user object is also included in a tweet by default - so if you have a tweet from someone, you have that user’s info already - no need to use /show/

There’s no API for other things you see in like views.


Thank you so much so what i can do to manipulate the twitter analytcis? i need this data to draw chars


There’s CSV export under “Tweets” in - “Export Data” button if you want to draw your own charts