Analytics: Please stick to only one attribute for your meta markups!


As happy users of the Twitter Cards and Analytics Panel, we recently integrated in our websites the ability to associate our websites to an analytics account using this markup :

The problem is that the attribute we used when integrating this meta to our 20 websites is "name" and not "property" and therefore is not detected by the analytics interface... What's fun is that up until now only Facebook used the "property" attribute in metas and that this meta markup doesn't match all the others you already defined for Twitter cards ( Could you please harmonize this markup or at least detect meta "name" markups in Analytics ? By the way: the "property" attribute in isn't valid using standard Doctypes :)

Thank you!


i tried adding the metadata in joomla but it only takes keywords. not code. i found only index.php in joomla. couldn’t add to index.html. where to add metadata?