An audience once deleted is not created again


Using Twitter’s Real Time Audience API, when we push memberships to an audience, say named “test audience” and it doesn’t exist before, it get’s created as mentioned in the documents.

However once that audience is deleted from Twitter Ads UI or through a DELETE call, and another membership push is made to the same named audience “test audience”, the API result shows it as successfully processed (success_count equals total_count), but that audience is not created again and is not shown in the Ads UI or through the GET call for tailored audiences.

Can someone from Twitter explain this behavior, and what should be done in a case like this? Is there a way to provide audience id, instead of name, because names can overlap and have this sort of effect.


Hey @tal_asad

Thanks for raising the issue. You’re correct in that repeaded membership updates to a deleted audience will continue to add those members to the deleted audience. Unfortunately, given the design of the API it’s currently not possible to specific a Tailored Audience id and instead these are key’d on the Audience name. The only workaround for the moment would be to ensure that your Audience name(s) are unique. That being said, we agree that this behavior is indeterministic and we’re investigating potential changes to alleviate the issue.