An API for the API?


Hey there,

I’m working on a new twitter library and would like to be able to auto-generate some of the code for REST API calls, since a lot of it will be very similar. To this end, I would ideally like to be able to query the Twitter developer pages for a machine-readable list of API endpoints and maybe some information about them, like parameters supported by the endpoint. In essence, I’m looking for an API to provide information about the API. Is there anything like that currently existing? Or will I have to trawl through the developer pages’ HTML if I want to automate this?



Unfortunately there’s no schema for the various endpoints and outputs, so at present the only thing you can do is to refer to the web documentation. We’re constantly thinking about ways we can improve our developer documentation, so maybe in the future we’d move in the direction of a standardised format like Swagger / OpenAPI, but that’s not likely to happen in the immediate future.