Amplify PreRoll Video ~ Supported Placements



For the VIDEO_VIEWS_PREROLL objective, are the supported placement types ALL_ON_TWITTER and PUBLISHER_NETWORK?

I’ve tried other placement types, but I get the following error

"message":"LineItem PromotedProductType REAL_TIME_BIDDING is not compatible with placements   SEARCH_RESULTS",
"paused":true,"account_id":"<the accountId>",
"categories":["IAB1"],"campaign_id":"<the campaign id>"}}}

We haven’t seen the REAL_TIME_BIDDING promoted product type before, so are also wondering why
the error text is the way it is.


Hello @chris_august7

Based on the results of differents errors trying to implement PUBLISHER_NETWORK, I guess that REAL_TIME_BIDDING is more or less PUBLISHER NETWORK, they have other kind of shortnames to refer the same.

In the end you can’t promote PREROLL in ALL_ON_TWITTER :stuck_out_tongue:


The sample data at implies that ALL_ON_TWITTER is supported.


So that coild be a mistake in the documentation or an error in the API. But the thing is that, for instance I’ve never seen a prerrol in my Twitter app



The feature is currently in a closed alpha and is only available to whitelisted alpha developers. So, I wouldn’t expect you to have seen pre-roll, unless you’re also participating in the alpha.


@chris_august7 There is no such thing as whitelisted alpha developers for this feature. If the account is whitelisted to run Pre-roll Video campaigns, then you should be able to create them via the API.

Also, are you running this on a sandbox account? Because I have seen this error on the sandbox, but not on an actual account that has access to the Pre-roll Video campaign.


ALL_ON_TWITTER is the safe bet for this product, as it is all about running videos in front of video content on Twitter and that might be on either TIMELINE or PROFILE if you know what I mean. If you have a specific concern or reason you would want to target only a specific area please feel free to pass your feedback to your contact at Twitter that you worked with to get access to this program.