"always_use_https" flag in account/settings.json


Is there any way to change or update the “always_use_https” in the data structure returned by account/settings.json?

I realize this is a legacy setting and that Twitter requires https connections now. However, an application that I use reads this flag to determine if SSL is enabled when accessing the API, which means I’m plagued with “403 Forbidden” errors, and unfortunately I have no way of fixing the application as its developers are non-responsive. I’d prefer to not abandon that program. So I’m left trying to change the always_use_https flag on my account from “false” to “true”, but so far I’ve been unable to figure out any way of doing so through the API. POST requests to the settings.json page don’t work. Is it even possible, or do I need to just submit help tickets through normal Twitter customer support channels and hope someone can fix the issue for me internally?