Allowing users to add their own embedded feed to my site?


I have a website that has a large listing of venues and places (read: businesses, shops, services, council offices etc.), and would like to allow each business to represent themselves on my site and edit their own profiles. Is it possible to offer a feature that would allow them to embed their own Twitter feed?

I have seen many people embed their OWN Twitter feed into their blogs, but I haven’t seen external users adding their own Twitter feed to someone else’s site.

Essentially, my website would have multiple Twitter accounts embedded within it, but only ever one Twitter account per page.

I am guessing that I would also need an authentication check to be allowed to do this?

Any help would be much appreciated,

Thanks in advance!


Sure it’s possible. It was already possible using the old js widgets - no longer offered but still working - to embed a users tweets; now in addition you can embed a stream of Tweets for a search query or list.

If you want your users to embed only their own streams you would need to know which user owns which stream. We do that by emailing users an invite code that is saved in a session variable as they OAuth into our site. That’s the simple way we found to tie an arbitrary Twitter account to a user’s account in our system.