Allowable use question



I created a Twitter account and an App for it. It’s a very simple app.

On the back-end: beBee Brand Ambassadors complete a Google Sheet indicating their interest in participating. Custom RSS feeds are built to pull their articles into a DB as a tweet, using the title and link to the post to build the tweet. Tweet format is ‘By @author_handle “Article Title” on @beBee

API use: As new articles are written, the App tweets them, up to a preset maximum of daily tweets. (there are a lot of Brand Ambassadors). The App does nothing else.

PROBLEM: The app keeps having its write privileges cut. Twitter Support says that I can’t mention anyone who hasn’t mentioned me first??? That’s patently ridiculous. Trying to get clarification is like talking to a wall. That’s why I’m asking you guys.

It seems to me that someone at Twitter Support has decided the app is a bot. It makes perfect sense that a bot only replies and does not initiate. Trouble is. . . it’s not a bot. It doesn’t “listen” and doesn’t reply. It just curates articles and tweets them to those who wish to follow. It mentions the author and the platform. So does every single one of the gazillions of Share to Twitter buttons out there.

Why is this app a problem?