All twitter modules on our dedicated server giving "Error: name lookup timed out"


Hi there,

We have a dedicated server with about 15 websites that share the same IP address (

A good number of these sites have a wordpress plugin called “Latest Tweets”. This plugin is computable with API 1.1, and we haven’t had an issue up until about 2-3 weeks ago.

On the front-end of the website we are seeing this error:
Error: name lookup timed out

In the plugin’s settings page: “Twitter API Authentication Settings” we are seeing the following error:
0: Error -1, name lookup timed out

From what I have gathered online, the most likely cause of this issue is that our IP has been blocked by twitter.

Here are a few examples of the sites on this server: (this is the only site on this server with a different IP: “”)

Would it be possible to white list these 2 IP addresses for now?, and

We have had an issue in the past with one of the client on our server sending spam emails out from our main IP address. Perhaps this may have triggered the block. We have since disabled emails from the account (their MX records are now pointing to google apps).

We would greatly appreciate any assistance on this.


EDIT: Is there any way I can test to see if my IPs are being blocked by twitter?