All twitter feeds are not coming against a hashtag, only one feed is coming


Hello there,

I am fetching twitter feeds with hashtag but it is not fetching all feeds.I can see only one feed on my page. Is it true that hashtag will fetch only feeds posted within 7 days.

Below are the details of my API

       resourceUrl =
       var requestParameters = new SortedDictionary<string, string>();
        requestParameters.Add("count", count.ToString());
        requestParameters.Add("q", search);
        requestParameters.Add("include_entities", "true");
        var response = GetResponse(resourceUrl, Method.GET, requestParameters);

        return response;


Anything based on the Search API will only show results posted within the last seven days, correct. If there are no results for the hashtag in that period, you’ll get zero results in your feed.


What if we need to show old feeds also? Any alternative for that? Please help


You could use a Collections Timeline and curate the content yourself. If you needed older data over sustained periods, you’d need to be collecting Tweet IDs on your server side over a period of time, and then hydrating them into your client apps.

There is no way to search back beyond 7 days in the public search API - anything beyond that would need a Gnip (Twitter’s data platform) Historical Powertrack or Full Archive Search subscription.