All retweeters of a given user



Please, I would like to know if there is a way to extract all the retweeters of a given user. If the user has posted 1000 tweets I am able to extract the retweeters in 16 hours (according to the rate limit) using the method GET statuses/retweeters/ids. I am working in a research project and I need to get the information faster… Thanks!!


Check out the filter stream:

If you use the follow parameter in a stream, you should get all “Retweets of any Tweet created by the user”


Thank you for the anwer :slight_smile: I appreciate your help and will check the functionality you suggest!

The thing that I needed to know is the retweets of (almost) ALL tweets a user Ux posted, not just any tweet… Then to see how many retweets the user Uy did over the Ux tweets… It takes so long if I use GET statuses/retweeters/ids…
But after thinking a little today, what I am going to do is find (almost) all the tweets of user Uy and then see if in the of each Uy’s tweet I can find the user Ux as the original author… Well I hope I can go on with my research :wink: