All of my tweets are bouncing with "This tweet looks like it might be automated..."



I know this has been raised before but the threads I found were from some time ago. I wondered if there was any updated advice on what to do about this.

Basically, I run a football news aggregation site. I crawl the web for stories (from permitting providers) and tweet every story. I have a dedicated twitter account per team I cover.

I’ve been going along fine for months, but in the last week or so most of my tweets are bouncing. I’ve tried contacting the Twitter API support people but they’re basically useless as they never reply (and haven’t done in the past on separate issues.)

My tweets are just the story headlines plus a link to the full articles. No spam - I’m not selling anything.

Surely automated tweets are a common usage of the API! Is there anything I can do?

Many thanks in advance