All my Twitter widgets have shrunk and changing the height option in widget settings makes no difference


I tried to add a new Twitter widget to my website today but when I look at it the widge is very small (height) and only shows one tweet. When I go into the settings for the widget and amend the height it makes no difference and the preview to the right always stays the same …help Thanks


Have just tested this more and it appears it’s an IE8 issue, anyone know of a fix? Thanks


Hi Adam,

Can you give me a link to the page where you’re seeing the issue? We’ve had a few reports of this but can’t reproduce it everywhere (e.g. is rendering the height OK.)




I have the same problem reproducing the embed in a software called xibo (, only here i detected a problem.


My widget is having the same problem with the height shrunk. I’m using internet explorer 10. Looks like it works fine in Chrome


after clearing the cache in internet explorer, it comes back regular temporarily.


I am also experiencing the same issue with IE 9. The height appears to be working correctly in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


Same problem here with IE10. The IE10 version seems to work briefly once I’ve opened the page in Chrome, though.


Same problem here with the IE9. Works without problems in Firefox.


we are following the issue here too…

with this code, just loads the last tweet.

Tweets by @name


Like many of the previous posts, my embedded Twitter feed is not displaying properly in IE 9. It displays fine in Chrome and Firefox and IE10. here’s the URL:

If anyone knows of a “fix” so that the embedded Twitter feed WILL display correctly on IE9, I’d really appreciate any suggestions.


Hi Michelle,

We had a sizing issue earlier in the week but deployed a fix yesterday. Can you confirm if you’re still seeing the problem (I just checked using my IE9 test environment here and the dimensions were the same in IE9 as in other browsers.)




I see no difference. The problem is still there. Only 50px height in IE9.


Same issue here, still not fixed. IE9 and IE10 having the same height problem :frowning:


Issue can be replicated on IE7 and when compatibility on for IE8, IE9 but looks fine when compatibility off.


ie10 still has the issue


The issue can be seen at

As others have mentioned, it works fine in FireFox and Chrome, but not IE. It was working fine in IE earlier.



It’s definitely a problem with the compatibility mode in IE. With “compatibility off” the widget looks good. If the compatibility is on (in IE9), the height of the widget is only 50 px.


We could narrow down the issue to IE7 since compatibility On use the IE7 document mode.


i agree. with compatibility off in IE 10, the widget renders correctly.