Aggressive and bulk follow/unfollow


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Thanks for your reply. How can a developer find out that his application is doing bulk or aggressive follow/unfollow?


If your app is enabling users to un/follow more than one user at a time with a single operation, then your app is doing bulk or aggressive follow and is liable to be suspended.

There should be no need to continue opening threads on this topic.


I understand but then there are applications like Crowdfire (, Unfollowers ( etc using which you can do un/follow aggressively. How are they able to do it?
Why has Twitter not suspended those Applications ?

Appreciate your answer.


We’re unable to comment on individual applications and their compliance with policies. This would be incredibly time-consuming and also in many cases would impact trust and user/developer privacy. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing and case-by-case basis and we thank you for bringing those to our attention. You can report any applications you are concerned about via the Platform section of our Support forms.

Thank you.