Age targeting



Hello, we’ve successfully implemented Twitter’s Ads API a bit more than a month ago and are currently on the Standard access level.

We have a couple of questions related to Age targeting:

  1. Age targeting is not in the list of targeting options here: But it is documented on the API. Can we still use it?
  2. According to… "Age Targeting is a feature that is not available to all advertisers at this time."
    Is this still the case? If so, how can we get this feature available for us?

Let me know if you need any other information.


@CMP: Please see the latest on age targeting here.

To check whether you have access to these age targeting options, make a request to the GET accounts/:account_id/features endpoint. The VALIDATED_AGE_TARGETING feature indicates access to these 20 age buckets.

The ads account must be whitelisted to have access to age targeting. You’ll need to contact your account or partner manager.


Thanks for the info. What is the process to get access to this age targeting feature if an account does not have it? Are there any plans to provide this option to all accounts in the near future?


@CMP: You’ll need to contact your Twitter rep—your account manager, most likely. Note that whitelisting happens at the ads account-level.