Age Targeting not allowed on account through API




We are having an issue with the age range targeting criteria through the API. When trying to add an option we get an error returned:

{ code: “AGE_TARGETING_NOT_ALLOWED”, message: “Age Targeting is not allowed on this account”. }

It seems to be a whitelisted feature according to and I was wondering how we are able to access this feature.

Our account ID is: 18ce53uv2k7.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @dko26,

I discussed with the team, and submitted an internal ticket to get your accounts whitelisted. I’ll update once I hear more!


Also a comment from @juanshishido on the same issue:

Have you taken a look at the GET accounts/:account_id/features endpoint? Do you see AGE_TARGETING listed for 18ce548eg8o? If so, do you still get the same error with for your original request?



@dko26: To follow up, I don’t actually see AGE_TARGETING in the response for 18ce53uv2k7. This is the request:

$ twurl -H "/1/accounts/18ce53uv2k7/features"


I’m having the same problem here. The API endpoint is showing us that the account does not have access to age targeting. But the Twitter Ads UI has it. The account manager has already whitelisted the feature.

Here is the Twurl:
twurl -X “GET” -H “” “/1/accounts/v7lr2/features” | python -m json.tool

Here are the results:

"data": [
"data_type": "features",
"request": {
    "params": {
        "account_id": "v7lr2"

Notice that there is no ‘AGE_TARGETING’?

Now, observe the Twitter Ads UI for the same account:

It looks like it only happens on certain accounts, such as the the one show above. Please advise.


@dko26, I just got confirmation that your account is now whitelisted. Can you try again and see if it works?


@msbukkuri - can you have the account manager double check on the AGE_TARGETING and also on VALIDATED_AGE_TARGET?


I’ve tried and can confirm it works now, thank you!


@carmenjyuen @juanshishido the issue is now resolved but just to clarify, when I was receiving the error, AGE_TARGETING was not whitelisted for our particular account.

With AGE_TARGETING now in the response for "/1/accounts/18ce53uv2k7/features" we are able to use the age targeting criteria.

I’m not sure if that’s the same issue other people are experiencing but it worked in our particular case.