Age group targeting?


Hi, I’m trying to set up a campaign to target age groups, using the buckets as documented in the “PUT accounts/:account_id/targeting_criteria” documentation.

I’m getting back: [{“message”: “Age Targeting is not allowed on this account”, “code”: “AGE_TARGETING_NOT_ALLOWED”}]

Is there some documentation about what the limits are on this feature? Is it tied to the advertiser account and if so, is there a way to enable this?



@Will_Parker This sort of message indicates that the feature is in beta and is enabled on the account level. The advertiser would need to reach out to their account manager to see if they are eligible.


Hi there!

Is there any API call I can make to find out if age targeting is enabled for an account or not, and maybe also find out about other capabilities like this one?

Thank you.


I’ve found: it’s


You are spot on @majoritasdev, that endpoint will give you all the information you need :slight_smile: