After only 1 day I get a 403?


Hello, I recently had my developer make me a app that will help promote my music and craft 24/7. When making this app on our service using the twitter API careful work was applied to insure that the terms of use WOULD NOT BE BROKEN. This is to increase exposure while not being a pain on both my followers as well as other twitter users.

We know about the 2400 limit per day and were well under that with our the system on our server set for 1 every 30 minutes giving a daily total to 48 tweets which is only 2% of both the daily allowed as well as the hourly.

When I woke up today I found out that my tweets were not sent out and a 403 error was presented. After some research we found out that was a limit restriction error which does not make sense given the above. I am also a twitter user and know about the issue that DM’s RT’s also count but still I do not see how it is possible for me to have reached anything close to that limit. Furthermore, we repointed the app to my developers twitter account and the same 403 error happend which makes me thing that my server IP address has been blacklisted.

I am completely taken back to how dumb this is given the simple math we did to make sure that this did not happen. I am, like more new music artists looking to increase exposure. BUT DO IT WITHIN THE RULES. I have been up and down this forum and am blown away to the lack of service given by twitter it self. Many issues have gone unresolved and I see lots of closed topic that went no where.It is my hope that first off we were not black listed and we can get this back up and running asap. 2% of the total allowed tweets is no reason for my ip to becomes blacklisted and secondly that we can prevent this from happening again. Crapping on the little guy is not cool. I see bots all over twitter that are slamming people with spam, porn what ever and people who are trying to network, develop and grow within twitter and using twitter as a tool to expand out side twitter get the short end.

I hope that this reached someone in twitter or someone who is able to help in this matter cause it sure sucks to get it going and it work then get nothing cause of what ever.

Thank you