After I sent a list of audience adids(csv) using Twitter Ads API, Is there any way to find out the number of audiences as a result of screening by Twitter



I am using Twitter Ads API and sent a adid list(csv) to build a Tailored Audience in Twitter Ads.

I understand that even I succeeded to send a proper list to Twitter,in Twitter Ads I can see only “501” message as a size of the Tailored audience.

And if the result of screening for users who have Twitter App is less than 500,it says “too small amount” or something.

I understand it.

But I am wondering if there is any way to know the number of users chosen to show ads after the screening by Twitter.

If at least I can know the total number,it’d be really helpful.

I am trying to delete or empty audiences in the Tailored audience list ,not deleting the list itself, but I can not know the number of the users whom Twitter actually show our ads.



Hi @saku_yoshir,

I assume that you are using the real time API, when this is being used the audience is temporarily set to 501 while the calculation goes on behind the scenes. Meaning the audience is targetable in real time, but the true calculation of targetable users is processed through our batch jobs that aren’t in real time. Once that runs you should get your answer of how many users are in the list to target.



Hi goforbrent

Thank you for replying to my post!
I’m wondering when exactly the batch for the calculation runs.
Is it a fixed timing? or has the schedule for the calculation batch been fixed regularly?
It seems that the true number of the targetable users shows up 2 or 3 days after my request to the real time API.



Hi @saku_yoshir!

The audience size should usually be calculated within 24 hours. The job is constantly running as new audiences are created all the time. We recently had a small delay, but normal processing is much quicker than 2 or 3 days.


Hi goforbrent
Thank you for answering!!
It helped me a lot!!