After 3rd auth step (/oauth/access_token) i receive token that is == 'Access Token' from app settings page


hello. I’m trying to authenticate myself via Twitter in my site.
Step 1 is ok - i get oauth_token and redirect myself to[token_here]
Step 2 is ok - after redirection I get in my php code both oauth_verifier and oauth_token (here oauth_token == oauth_token from step 1)
Step 3 is almost ok - i go to POST with oauth_verifier=[verifier from step 2] in body request and i receive 4 parameters: oauth_token, oauth_token_secret, screen_name, user_id. The problem is ‘oauth_token’ here is equal to ‘Access Token’ from app settings page. The second problem is ‘oauth_token_secret’ here is equal to ‘Access Token Secret’ from app settings page.
Is that correct, that my generated access token is equal to ‘Access Token’ from app settings page?


That sounds correct. Twitter only keeps one access_token per user/app combo until the user revokes it.