Advice on structuring my Twitter presence


Hello -

I haven’t been much of a Twitter user as yet, but I want to publish to it from a web app I’m developing.

I’ve already created a test account and app on Twitter, and I have successfully posted a status to it via tmhOAuth.

I’m looking here for guidance and advice on how to structure my Twitter presence.

Let’s say I was CNN, and I wanted to publish a unique news feed for each of the 200 largest cities in the world. These individual feeds would be of little interest to those outside of the relevant geographic areas. In fact, the residents of city A would consider the postings for city B to be noise and would be less likely to follow the city A account.

I imagine, then, that I want to create 200 unique accounts - each one relevant to a single city - and have my web app post status updates to the relevant account as news items are posted to my web app.

Is this the right way to do this?

If so, how can I create and manage hundreds of accounts/apps/tokens (preferably programmatically)?

If not, what’s a better way to structure and manage this?

Thanks for your time!