Advice for New User on Shadowbans, Hashtags, and Bots


Totally new at Twitter here. Last week I started running a newsbot, posting every hour links to breaking news, just a bunch of mainstream news outlets with pretty og data. Implemented a fairly accurate hashtag creator that did not search or use any data from twitter api on trending or existing hashtags. Got shadowbanned last Monday for 24 hours, I think it was because the bot made a hashtag about the abused gymnast… understandable, my mistake. So I went to category only: #worldnews, #politicsnews, #entertainmentnews, etc, thinking that would at least be safe, one general hastag every hour. Ran it over the weekend, and got shadowbanned somehow Saturday. My question: what could have triggered it?

  1. Posting at 5 minutes past the hour instead of being randomized? Weird because bots are legal but everyone seems to randomize anyways.

  2. Because Bot made two mistakes: posting an entertainment story in #healthnews and a sports story in #environmentalnews? If it were because of that, I must already be under suspicion from last shadowban? Because there were way more mistakes last week.

  3. OR… was it because the bot posted three typical relevant stories to #politicsnews. I say this because if you look at the content of that hashtag its all Indian politics which is really weird.

I look at the other newsbots with large followings, they seem very sparing with their hashtags. Sometimes mostly just text. I’m not trying to do anything against the TOS, just want to save time trying to figure this out all myself.

So sorry if the information is somewhere, I tried searching the forum but didn’t see anything related. I’m super new, I know nothing, was actually emailing friends before I found this forum so any advice starting out in the twitterbot world would be much appreciated.


Other question I have… I’m antsy to get going. If I create another account, verified with the same email, phone, etc, can my bot start start playing with that, while waiting for the shadowban on my first account to expire? Thinking like all weird or tech news, something fairly inconspicuous. Or does that trigger more suspicion? I have nothing to hide, no agenda, not trying to evade any rules, just want to put my newsbot to work.


There’s advice in the automation policy and also a more recent clarification on automated replies. In general, overuse of hashtags and URLs is likely to lead to some low quality content being hidden via the quality filter as probable spam or an attempt to affect trends and other signals on the platform.

If an account or application is suspended you’ll generally receive some email notice of the reason. If an application is write-restricted you can use the platform support forms to request assistance (just be sure to respond to initial automated replies to ensure that the ticket is created appropriately).

Apologies that we are unable to comment on specific accounts or applications in these forums for privacy reasons. Only a limited number of individuals would have visibility into the reasons behind specific behaviours, and much of this is handled algorithmically by systems that are adapting to avoid spammy behaviours from bad actors.


Thank you I did not know the term or where to ask for help. Will do so now!


Hello, my account was restricted on the basis of some automated tweet even though it’s still not quite clear where that came from as I’m not a fan of automated tweets. Now, the problem is that I’ve been asked to provide a verification code that is supposedly going to be sent to me, but every time I’ve tried, I didn’t receive any verification code… Please, what could be wrong?


Please use for queries like this. This forum exists to help developers with API questions.

We cannot offer any assistance with issues related to accounts (suspension, verification, usernames etc), or usage of the website, analytics or ads dashboards, and the iOS and Android mobile apps in this forum



Sorry, I’m just desperate for answers… I’ve tried to use the help center and it has been the same result.