Advertising with Multiple Twitter Accounts


Can someone let me know if this is possible:

We want to have 1 main account that manages remarketing Twitter Ads for 1000 separate accounts (based on customers we represent). Most of these customers do not have Twitter accounts, so are we able to dynamically create accounts to satisfy this?


No, there’s no way to programmatically create accounts. Your customers would usually already have an account and then authenticate with your Ads API app to provide the tokens for you to operate on their behalf.


Thanks andypiper


Hi andypiper, what do you recommend we do when our customers do not have twitter (most do not). We need to get a remarketing pixel from Twitter to put on their site so we can engage in remarketing ads.


You can programmatically create pixels (web event tags) from the Ads API, and allow your advertisers to use those. Of course, the number of web_event_tags any advertiser account can create is limited, so it’s still best to ensure your advertisers have their own Twitter advertiser account so that you do not run into those complexity issues.