Advertising question


please someone help me work out this absolutely complicated as hell system. i want to create a business profile then use twitter ads to generate business…just like i do on facebook very easily. it asked me to create account…i did…then i tried to advertise and it now says my account is ineligible?? wtf!!! this is insanely complicated ive no idea how anyone actually uses it. pls help


@1Driving you seem to have only recently created a Twitter account and have no activity (no Tweets, no follows, no followers). From our Account Activity section with regards to Ads eligibility:

The most successful advertisers on Twitter tend to be those who are avid Twitter users. This means they have a history of sharing exceptional content and engaging with their followers. If you are interested in advertising but your account is fairly new, be sure to complete your account’s Twitter profile and spend a few weeks familiarizing yourself with Twitter’s best practices.

Have a look here for the Basics of using Twitter for your Business.