Advertiser API Authentication Question! Need help with Flow



Hey all. Somewhat new to the advertiser API, and I’ve run into a problem with authentication I can’t sort out.

We have a twitter application that has been granted Developer level access to the Advertiser API.

The documentation for the program access levels mentions we are restricted to “no more than 5 active tokens”. What tokens is it talking about? How do I see these? And can they be revoked?

We are still heavily testing a custom application. Trying now to add a new Twitter account, we are getting an error during the oauth process that says “This application cannot authenticate more users at this time.”. I assume it’s related… but for the life of me, can’t figure out where to find/revoke users that have already authenticated?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hey there,

You’re correct that the error message you’re receiving from the API (This application cannot authenticate more users at this time.) is the result of the token limit enforced for developer level access to the Ads API program. Today there is not a way for the owner of an application to see the number of active tokens associated with their app. Exposing this via or some other interface (API) is a feature request on our backlog, but it’s not on our near-term roadmap.

The only way for our tokens used for user-context (i.e. all tokens that are OAuth 1.0A on Twitter APIs, and all your requests to the Ads API) to be revoked is for the user do so themselves at