Advanced search broken for URLs


Hi there,

It looks like searching for an exact phrase like “” will actually return results that contain “mostro” and “com”, even when adding quotes around the query term or escaping the “.” character.

Is this new and/or intended behavior?

Searching for “www.mostro.comseems to be working as expected (I’m guessing it’s correctly detected as a URL) but leaves out all tweets that include “” without the “www” subdomain.

edit: in case that wasn’t clear, the same happens when using the API over a command-line tool

=> "@prieut sim sim na verdade eu nem mostro com medo de me chamar de doido \n\namiga poderia dar a graça de se apresentar"
irb(main):008:0>"", filter: "links").first.text
=> "RT @CeloJf_: E é assim que crianças comem chocolate! 😩 depois mostro com ovos de chocolate 😨"