Adult Content in Twitter Cards




Just a quick question what is the policy for content cards with regards to adult content?

Background: I’m developing a website for what is essentially a porn production company. They are on twitter and have quite a lot of followers (naturally) but I was thinking of implementing cards into their website but wasn’t sure on the content policy for cards. I tried to do some research but the answer wasn’t clear.

At a guess I would assume it’s not allowed but thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.


Here’s the policy on adult content from an ads perspective.


Does that apply to twitter cards @andypiper even if you don’t plan to use paid / promoted ads?

The new website is still in early stages of development but I was thinking of having an image card to preview the page for either a model or film.

Or possibly use the player card for a short preview of the film.



Unlikely to have a player card approved but regular web card markup would probably work (though all such Tweets should be marked as sensitive content)


Ah okay. That’s fine, how do I mark the content as adult? Cheers for that @andypiper :slight_smile:


That’s in your account posting settings for your Twitter account.


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