Ads not showing when on WIFI but works on cellular data just fine


I integrated mopub with my app with network mediation with mMedia and StartApp. The problem is it doesn’t show the ads when device is connected in wifi but works as intended when device is connected via cellular data (meaning shows ads from two networks).

Additional information: My mopub marketplace has been in review for more than a week now.

Also, when device is connected to wifi. It would show the welcome to mopub test ad!

This proves that it is able to connect to mopub network. It just doesn’t show the ads from other networks when connected to wifi.

what seems to be the problem here? How to solve this problem? Is this a mopub bug?


Hello Brilliantdriver,

There seems to be a small set of IPs that are not serving ads. The team is investigating this issue and working to fix it.

To be approved for Marketplace, please email with up to date payment information and the corresponding Android package name/iTunes App Store url linked to your MoPub App. For faster approval, please include screenshots of the app in your Admin page to show that you are the owner of the account.

For ad network integration issues, if you believe you have set up the network correctly, please email about this issue.