Ads Metrics Rate limit exceeded problem



I need a recommendation. I am creating a script that has all tweets have stored and every so often looking metrics that are in the ADS API. Metrics like engagement, video …

If I have 200 tweets I make 200 request for each tweet to capture the metrics I need.

And the ads API return { statusCode: 429, data: ‘Rate limit exceeded\n’ }

Thanks and I hope an answer.


You can put up to 20 entity_ids per request.

So you can do it with 10 request.


Thanks you very much, and how many metric_groups can i send in one request?

And other question, If I have 800 tweets, I need to call the api by segments? or I have other options?


I thing that is not specified, but I think you can grab all the metric groups.

Yes, you should manage that.