Ads cannot show properly before the app published


I had read this topic. I have the similar situation with him, but I am not used Fabric. When I using test ad unit id, the test ads are showing properly in my app. When I using personal ad unit id will get below error messages.

Banner ad error message:

D/MoPub: Loading url:
I/MoPub: Ad failed to load.

Native ad error message:

D/MoPub: Loading positioning from:
D/MoPub: Loading ad from:
D/MoPub: Native ad request failed. No ads found for ad unit.
D/MoPub: Native ad request failed. No ads found for ad unit.

I can get native ad positioning json file from the link in log message, but both the links of banner and native ads are returning a blank page. Similarly, I can get proper json file and banner when using test ad unit id.

My app havn’t published. I had entered my payments details and can access to Marketplace. The last two replies in that topic mentioned that, mopub ads may show properly after the app is published, is that right?

Thank you in advance.


Hi @terrylin,

The error means that you do not have any active Demand source.You will need to verify that you are approved to receive ads form the MoPub Marketplace.



Hi @Da1Raf,

Thanks for your reply. I know the reason now. I need to publish my app to get approved to receive ads.


This is correct! Your app needs to be published before you are approved for Marketplace ads. You can create a line item with test creative to ensure the integration is working properly. If you receive your test ad, then you’ll be good to go with receiving Marketplace ads once approved. Note that any new apps that are adding to your inventory don’t need to go through this process as you will already have Marketplace approval for your account.

See our Quick Start Guide for more details.


Thanks for your reply.