Ads API User Authentication Limit



I work at an advertising agency and have developed our own application that uses the Twitter Ads API to automatically recollect our client’s data and upload it to our databases. I was granted access to the API a couple of months ago and only had a few clients, but now we have new ones and will probably be having more and more as the agency grows. I have tried to access our developed application with the new accounts in order to retrieve campaign data but get the following message:

‘Sorry, please try again later. This application cannot authenticate more users at this time.’

Who do I need to talk to or what can I do to solve this problem?

Thank you,

Andrés P.


You should review the email where your access was granted and contact the support team via email to request the next level of access. The phases of using the Ads API are detailed in the documentation.


Hi Andy,

Thank you for the response. Your suggestion was my first solution as well but I am unable to find the ‘Access Granted’ Email since we’ve had some server changes recently. Is there any other phone number or Email address I can contact and ask for a next level access? I’ve searched within Twitter’s support portal but wasn’t successful in finding general contact information.

Thanks again.


Got it. In that case my best advice would be to “re-apply”, but using the same app ID etc. and using the longer form text fields to explain that you’re looking to increase your access in this case. The team review those requests a couple of times per week I think, so you should get on the radar that way and they can follow-up with you.


Sounds good. I’ll try that and see what happens. Thanks!


We have reviewed your App ID and you should now be able to add more clients as requested.


Hi Mauro,

Thank you for the support. We’ll check that everything is running smoothly now and if anything comes up I’ll be sure to inform you.

Have a nice day,

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